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        Summary of my strategy.

In my opinion, winning at the lotto may seem like magic, but it is not. Our world is full of examples of how the power of probability is used to try and predict the future.

Even in these difficult economic times, the best example of this is a bank. When a bank is deciding if they will give you a loan, they look at your past for patterns.

    For example:
    Do you pay your bills on time?

    Have you ever defaulted on a loan before?

If they see that you always pay your bills, then that is considered a good pattern ... and you will probably get the loan you want. In this way, the bank is betting on the odds that you will repay your loan ... and they can make money.

Without studying your past to find patterns, they have no real idea of whether you will repay the loan.

Of course using probability math to try and predict the future is still not an exact science, and there are no guarantees, but most banks DO make money, and so can you. By playing the odds you can beat the lotto by winning more than you spend... over time.

      The 4 steps of my lotto plan:

1) Study past results of the game you want to play. From pic 3 to powerball.
2) Find patterns in past results. Ex - most popular #, what #'s are due, and any #'s on a current streak.
3) Bet on the patterns to give you the best odds.
4) Play long, but bet low. If you play one game a week. You have a good chance of winning more that $52/yr.

You beat the lotto by winning more than you spend at the end of the year!

Bonus Exel spreadsheet. Use it as a tool to personalize my strategy to your lotto game.... from pic 3 to powerball.

Download spreadsheet for your EXCEL program.

Good luck !


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